Covid 19 – FAQs – Updated 23 February 2021

We have put together some of the most frequently asked questions. These may change over time as  the situation and current guidance changes.


Are you taking bookings for 2021

We are taking bookings for this year. On 22 February 2021 the UK government announced its plan for coming out of lockdown. Hotels and B & Bs will not be able to open in England until at least 17 May, so we are not taking new bookings in England until after then. Many of our walking holidays are in Wales and their plan for reopening hotels is still to be announced, however we are hopeful that there will be further guidance on this in mid March.


What will my holiday be like

Holidays will not be quite the same as they were pre-covid times but we have worked hard to make sure your holiday will be safe and enjoyable. We have put together some more detailed information about what to expect on your holiday in Covid times


What if official advice or guidance changes? 

If the UK government changes its current guidance and it becomes impossible for us to continue with  holidays we will postpone or cancel holidays and will contact you as soon as possible to discuss changes with you.


What if Byways Breaks cancels my trip? 

If we are forced to cancel your holiday or make a significant change due to Covid-19, we hope you will rebook your holiday. We will work with you to try to find a suitable alternative holiday later in 2021 or for 2022. Alternatively, we can provide a credit voucher (valid to September 2022), or a full refund.


What if I don’t want to travel or would like to postpone my holiday?

You can make one free change to your booking, provided it is made more than 28 days before the start of your holiday. There may be a slight alteration in price if accommodation costs change. All payments made for your original holiday will be transferred to your new booking.  We are sorry but we cannot provide a refund if you decide you do not wish to travel. In this case our normal booking terms and conditions will apply.

If you are travelling to the UK from abroad please be aware you must have a negative test in the 3 days before you start your journey to the UK and there is currently a 10 day quarantine period when you arrive in the UK . If you are travelling from some areas of the world, you will have to quarantine in government hotels at your own cost. If last minute quarantines are imposed we will either rearrange your holiday, provide a credit voucher, or if you do not wish to rebook we will provide a full refund.

For up to date government advice see 

If you decide to cancel your holiday then our usual cancellation terms apply, so for holidays cancelled six weeks or more before the start date, you will lose your deposit. See our booking terms and conditions for full details.


I haven’t paid the balance for my holiday. Can I delay my payment?

The balance payment for your holiday is due at least 6 weeks before your holiday start date. You can pay the balance in the knowledge that we will provide you with a full refund if we have to cancel your holiday for any reason.


Will I be covered by my travel insurance if I decide to cancel?

We recommend you take out a travel insurance policy to cover lost holiday costs should you need to cancel or are unable to travel. Whether you will be covered will depend on the terms of your travel insurance policy and your reason for cancelling. In the current time you should ensure that you will be covered for Covid related claims. Contact your travel insurance provider to check this.


For further information, we advise the following resources:

Should you wish to discuss your upcoming travel plans, please call us on 0151 722 8050 or email Updates will be added to this web page as and when they become available.